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Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge From Hoi An 2021

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Explore the beautiful Ba Na Hills and visit the emblematic Golden Bridge on this day trip from Hoi An. You”ll be captivated by the spectacular views!

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World’s longest cable car

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Temple at Ba Na Hills

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French Village

Golden Bridge & Ba Na Hills Tour

Having picked you up from your hotel in Hoi An at 7:30 am, we”ll board a minibus and head to Ba Na Hills, a hill station and former French mountain resort located amongst spectacular natural landscapes. To reach the peak of these famous hills, we”ll have to catch a cable car. But it”s not just any cable car: this is the longest cable car system in the world!

Arriving at Ba Na Hills, you”ll be immediately awestruck by the famous Golden Bridge, or Cau Vang, the complex”s newest and most impressive tourist attraction. This incredible structure is a walkway seemingly held up by two giant hands and offering unparalleled views over the Vietnamese mountains

As well as admiring Golden Bridge, you”ll also get to visit the Linh Ung Pagoda, the Garden of Love and the French vineyards located at Ba Na Hills. Continuing our exploration of the hill station, we”ll make our way to French Village, an area whose architecture takes inspiration from Middle Ages France.


We”ll then enjoy a delicious buffet lunch in a local restaurant, before heading to Fantasy Park, a theme park ideal for younger visitors. There”s a dinosaur exhibition, a haunted house and 5D experiences too!

At 3 pm, we”ll say goodbye to the breathtaking mountain scenery and descend the hills again via the cable car. We”ll return to hotels in Hoi An for around 5:30 pm.

Private excursion

If you”d prefer to do this tour in a private group with an exclusive guide just for you and your partner, friends or family, take a look at our Ba Na Hills Private Tour instead.

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